Trading- investment group ABS GROUP is a structure consisting of jointly developing commercial companies with common control center.
Activities of ABS GROUP covers mainly the South of Russia and Moscow. The geography of transactions and new offices are constantly expanding.
ABS GROUP is represented in the following areas of business:

  • Wholesale and retail trade in spare parts for cars and motor oils brands
  • Dealer center "Mercedes-Benz"
  • Hospitality
  • Resort and tourist business
  • Real estate and development
  • Premium event services

1995. The first enterprise of the future group of companies which started its activities in the field of retail auto parts for foreign cars was established. Now it is a successful and growing wholesale and logistics system ABS AUTO PARTS with the convenient customer web service and support of professional and competent teams, extensive partner base and a huge number of brands of auto parts, lubricants and car accessories. The market leader in the Southern Federal district of the Russian Federation.

2001. Opening of the branch ABS-AUTO PARTS in Pyatigorsk

2006. Opening of the branch ABS-AUTO PARTS in the city of Krasnodar

2008. Opening of the branch ABS-AUTO PARTS in Rostov-on-Don

2009. The first four-star hotel PARK HOTEL STAVROPOL was built in Stavropol. Guests arriving to the North Caucasus from different parts of Russia, CIS and far abroad, have appreciated this beautiful, modern, comfortable complex, which provides all conditions for for business visits and for leisure.

2011. Opening of the distribution logistics center ABS-AUTO PARTS in the city of Moscow.

2013. Dealer center Mercedes-Benz - ABS-AUTO SOCHI opened its doors for visitors.

2014. Creative agency ABS PREMIUM SOCHI had been organised by the opening of the Olympic Games in the city of Sochi . Its special focus is on holding conferences, business events and celebrations , VIP-transfers, Mercedes- Benz cars tours and many other activities.

2016. Construction of the shopping center “ Mandarin” in the town of Pyatigorsk was started . Acquiring the area for a new complex of shopping boutiques in the center of the town has become a success for developers. Energy efficient engineering decisions regarding the construction were made taking into consideration the benefits for potential tenants and environmental requirements of the resort zone.

2016. Construction business developed over years formed the company ABS AERO STRO Y . It has the equipment and vehicles for the whole range of construction and installation works and landscaping around the buildings under construction.

Company's values


The management and staff of ABS GROUP support the principles of openness, flexibility, innovation, adhere to the rules of international business ethics and social responsibility. A continuous search, a non-standard approach and high speed decision-making are cultivated within the company . It provides fresh ideas for investments, the constant growth and optimizes efforts for each new project. The new building, erected by ABS GROUP, meet the modern trends in the field of ecology and aesthetics. ABS GROUP boldly looks to the future, inspired by the examples of great corporations and being a proven, reliable partner to many of them.